Young Explorers

River Crossing Activity

School Children braving the current of River Tirthan and doing river crossing activity. For our student groups that frequent us every year, we have committed ourselves to enriching  their lives by fostering wholesome living with strong values and developing youth into responsible leaders.  Along with their respective teachers, all participants are encouraged to take part in games, treks and hands on activities, allowing each individual to gain knowledge of nature and the environment while having fun in the great outdoors.

Highlights of our Mountain Retreat :

Treks into the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) Located in the Seraj-Tirthan Valley, GHNP offers numerous opportunities to celebrate, conserve, preserve and protect Nature. The Park was created to preserve the unique, pristine beauty of Nature in the Western Himalayan region. At GHNP, there are varied habitats for exploration: from lush forests of Oak, conifer and bamboo, to the gentle alpine meadows. If one is lucky, there are opportunities to observe endangered species of Western Himalayas in their natural habitat.

  • Hiking to the waterfalls in Tirthan Valley
  • Exploration of the Forest Flora and Fauna
  • Village walks to understand the lifestyle and culture of the Himalayan Villages
  • Snow expeditions to Jalori Pass (height 11,000 feet)
  • Chehni Kothi (1600 year old 11 storey Tower build by one of the the Kings) and Raghupur Fort Ruins
  • River and Mountain adventure activities like Rock Climbing / Rappelling.
  • Jungle Survival Training and Team Building Activities
  • How to pitch a tent, collect firewood, and prepare your meal in the wilderness
  • Spring - The Mother’;s Riverfront -Village Gushaini, Banjar.
    Spring – The Mother’;s Riverfront -Village Gushaini, Banjar.

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