Day 1

Arrival at The Mother’s Riverfront at 7 am the next morning and a brief talk on Camp’s discipline is given. Check into their respective cottages, have breakfast and some rest thereafter. Wake up totally refreshed for lunch and a class on Healing/Memory Enhancement thereafter. Tea and snacks after class and then a small trek of about 2 kms to acclimatize to the existing conditions. Return in time for dinner, a talk on values in life/documentary and retire for the night.

Day 2

Early morning wake up to the beautiful landscapes around. Breakfast followed by a class on Healing. Then a trip to Jalori Pass which is at a height 11,000 feet above sea level. Distance about 32 kms with a packed picnic lunch. At Jalori Pass, there are largest meadows worth playing on and a 360 degree panoramic view of the Great Himalayas Dhauladhar Range is visible. This activity teaches about physical endurance and fitness. Arrival back in the early evening hours to snacks followed by evening class on Healing/Memory Enhancement. Dinner follows and a talk on values of life/a documentary thereafter before retiring for the day.

Day 3

Early morning wake up.  Breakfast followed by Healing/Memory Enhancement class. Today is River Crossing Day. All would be taken for the river crossing activity. We have trained supervisors and the latest equipment like life jackets, nylon ropes etc. This experience teaches about the ability one has to cross obstacles in life successfully. Back in the afternoon for lunch, some rest and then a class on Healing/Memory Enhancement. Evening snacks followed by a trek to the Himachal Pradesh Van Nursery. Back in time for dinner followed by a talk/a documentary.

Day 4

Early morning wake up followed by breakfast and a class on Healing/Memory Enhancement. Today a trek to the high altitude waterfalls. An enjoyable trek and a bath in the waterfalls is an experience of a lifetime. Back in the late afternoon for lunch. Rest followed by an evening class on Healing/Memory Enhancement. Dinner around a bonfire with music and songs.

Day 5

Today after breakfast a final class on Healing. Everyone will be personally checked, health evaluated and written advice given. Lunch would be served and then time for pack up. Leave for Aut and bus departs for New Delhi at 6 pm and reach at 6am the following morning.



In breakfast we serve one of the following on each of the five days – Vegetable Poha/Idli Chutney/Poori Aloo/Vegetable Dalia /Vegetable Noodles. Along with one dish out of the above we serve seasonal fruit and hot milk with bournvita and tea also..


In lunch we serve one of the following on each of the five days – Black or white chana/Rajmah/Kadhi/Sambhar/Harhar dal. Along with we serve one seasonal vegetable, raita, salad and chappati/rice.

Evening Tea

In evening tea we serve one of the following on each of the five days – Bread pakora/Cutlets/Vegetable samosa/AlooTikki/Vegetable pakora. Along with this we serve tea and lemon water.


In dinner we serve one of the following on each of the five days – Moong dal/Masoor dal/Moong sabut/Nutri Nuggets with aloo/kadhi with kitchdi. Along with this we serve one seasonal vegetable, papad, chapati/rice and one of the following sweet dish – Gulab jamun/halwa/fruit cream/kheer/custard.