At Home & Village Tourism

At Home & Village Tourism

People are increasingly opening up to the concept of home stay (bed and breakfast),

a huge opportunity in providing a common platform for home-stay owners and guests is still waiting to be tapped.

A taste of the country’s rich ethnicity blended with great hospitality is what most travellers look for when they visit.

Are you ready for what these mountain families has to offer? Perhaps what you need is a more intimate experience, something you can only get by intermingling with the villagers of the himalayan country.

This is exactly where the concept of home-stays comes in. Just imagine being a part of an Indian family, which enriches and personalizes every bit of your stay, by providing you lodging, authentic home-cooked local meals and accompanying you to some of the best places around.

While the guests enjoy their home away from home, this also gives the host family a great way to make some quick bucks.

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